The AMR Narrative

Share your story

Sharing one’s story can be a powerful tool for raising awareness and promoting understanding about important health issues, such as antimicrobial resistance. When individuals share their personal experiences with a health condition, it can help others who may be going through similar experiences feel less alone, and also encourage them to seek help and support.

In the case of antimicrobial resistance, sharing personal stories can also help to educate people about the risks and consequences of overusing antibiotics, and the importance of taking action to prevent the spread of resistant infections. By sharing stories about the challenges and impacts of antibiotic-resistant infections on individuals, families, and communities, we can help to build public support for efforts to address this critical public health issue.

Additionally, sharing stories can be a powerful way to advocate for policy changes and increased funding for research and public health initiatives related to antimicrobial resistance. When individuals speak out about their experiences, they can help to elevate the issue on the public agenda and encourage policymakers to take action.

Share your story to make an impact on AMR

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